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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum amount of attendees required? - Currently it is 12.

Are your events suitable for all ages? - Yes (parental supervision required for children ages 5 and under).

What do we need to provide at the event? - Host is only responsible for tables and chairs.

By when should I book my event? - All dates and times are subject to availability and are strictly booked on a first-come, first-served basis.

Is there a deposit to book? - Yes, in order to officially book your date and begin the coordinating process, we require a deposit amount equal to just the first 2 seats (in some cases, the first 5 seats). 

May we pay at the party? - ​ No, our artists will not receive any form of payment on the day of your event. Host must confirm a final headcount (along with payment) 2 days prior to the scheduled party. 

How do we pay? - Deposits are taken over the phone upon booking. You will then be given a unique private event link. You may use this link to either have your guests register individually or, if you choose, simply pay for them all at once on or before the registration deadline.

Is gratuity included? - No, tipping your artist(s) is optional. 

What supplies exactly do you provide? - Supplies are packed according to your final headcount. Supplies include table covers, table-top easels, 12X16 canvas boards, an assortment of brushes, paint, paint mixing trays, cups for water, aprons, and promotional materials.

How long does the event last? - Setting up typically takes 30 minutes, the painting portion of the party typically lasts for 2 hours, and cleaning up is another 30 minutes.

How do fundraisers work? - Pay your deposit to get on our calendar. Final headcount and remaining balance will not be due until 2 days prior to your event. We keep only our portion per attendee from whatever you charge. It's that simple!

May I contact the artist directly before my event date? - No. All information concerning your event must be processed though your assigned private party coordinator. 

Do your artists pack extra supplies just in case? - No. Our artists pack supplies according to your final headcount. They do not pack supplies for extra attendees.

How much table space do I need? - Generally, the number of chairs you can fit comfortably around your table is how many table-top easels we are able to setup. Estimate the size of 1 dinner placemat per attendee.

Do you provide wine? - No.

Who are your artists? - Local professionals who have gone through various interviews, auditions, and training to win the position. We contract each artist based on their level of creative skill and ability to entertain large groups. 

Now that I've booked, what else do I need to do? You will soon be given a unique private event link. You may use this link to either invite your guests to register individually or, if you choose, simply pay for them all at once on, or before, the registration deadline.

How do I know how many people I have registered for my party so far? - If your guests are registering individually, you may check the current list by visiting your private party link... Simply scroll to the bottom of your event details. 

Are there any extra fees? - There are processing fees for refunds, postponements, and cancellations. Please see our REFUNDS AND CANCELLATIONS policy for more information.

How do we cancel an event? - In the event of a cancellation email your event coordinator at Please see our REFUNDS AND CANCELLATIONS policy for more information.

Are some paintings more difficult than others? - Each image in our gallery was designed to be relatively simple, fun to paint, and teachable within 2 hours.

What is the custom painting option? For an additional fee, our artists will design any idea you have in mind (limit one minor revision per image). You may also just provide an image that you find online (some restrictions may apply).


Is there an age limit for joining a party? - Because some of our events involve the consumption of alcoholic beverages, events are occasionally limited to guests who are 21 years of age or older. Please inquire ahead of time if this is a concern for you or a member of your party.

May we bring our own food and/or alcohol to the party? - If you are joining a public party held at one of our partnered venues, all food and alcohol will be sold on site. Please do not bring any outside food or beverage. However, if you are joining one of our private parties held in a home or office—bring it on!

Do I need to have any artistic skill to participate in a paint party? - Not at all! In fact, the less artistic you are, the more you will learn! If you are already a natural Michelangelo, well then you will feel right at home relaxing in a fun, creative environment. Either way, our Paint Party Pros will guide you step by step through crafting a beautiful masterpiece.

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